What is “cobebe” ?

“cobebe” is artwork made from vintage kimonos and dressed in the traditional manner.
The vintage kimonos are scaled down to 1/3 size, for the models of 60cm / 23inch.
The name of “cobebe” is derived from the words ‘co’ which refers to vintage or small-sized, and ‘bebe’ which refers to kimono. cobebe is suitable for display and act as a centerpiece at the office, hotel, Japanese cuisine restaurant, event hall, or in your home.


  • 梅かをり matsu緑 初梅

    Chic cobebe series

    This is a collection of subtle colors and designs that when combined create a chic and sophisticated look.

  • 花合わせ 深み

    Chic summer cobebe series

    This is a collection of seasonal and more vibrant colors. Displayed to fit the season and a mood of the space.

  • 本紫七五三 初春 春華

    Maiko cobebe series

    This is a Maiko style collection.Antique cute colors, ‘darari’ or loose obi, and hemmed sleeves and shoulders are catachrestic of Maiko.

  • たけくらべ ロマン 梅縞紫

    Dream cobebe series

    This is a collection of colors both subtle and bold. Get lost in the design and simple patterns. 

Making Process

Watch the video of the hand sewing.


Tanaka Toshie

She has been involved in the kimono and dress-making industry for over 40 years, making kimono and teaching young generations how to make and dress kimono.
“cobebe” is compilation of kimono artisanship of experienced kimono artist – Toshie TANAKA.
Her philosophy is to create scaled versions of kimonos to be displayed in offices and homes around the world. With her long history in the kimono and dress-making industry, her passion to share the beautiful style and history of kimono drives her in the creations she makes.


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